News on the upcoming reprint of Henri Cartier-Bresson's "The Decisive Moment"

I have some good news on the reprint of one of the most famous photography books. Two days ago TIME published an article quoting a publication date of Dec 2014 but I exchanged a few messages with a sales rep from Steidl, the publisher printing the reprint. According to Steidl, the book will be published by the end of November (at least within Europe). 

A shame that I hadn't posted this blog immediately after getting the message - might have been able to beat TIME to "press". Apparently the book Segregation Story, a collection of Gordon Parks photographs from his time at LIFE will also be published at the same time.

Back in July Peta Pixel was among the first to break the story and at the time quoted a shipping date of October 31st, 2014. Unfortunately Steidl says that those printing dates are estimated when the pre-order page first goes up on Amazon and cannot be changed. In the case of Amazon in the US and Germany/Austria the date changed multiple times (no idea how if Steidl says they can't change it) before Amazon AT informed those that pre-ordered that a shipping date can no longer be given. The same also applies to the Gordon Parks book. 

Hopefully this is some good news to kick your weekend off with, though. I have personally been anxiously waiting for this book since I pre-ordered back in July after reading the Peta Pixel article. Westlicht here in Austria has one of the 3,000 French copies on display in their gallery along with a number of other rare books and it's one of those that I always hoped to own but could never justify the hundreds of dollars or euros a copy goes for on the used market. 

Me: Are there final release dates for the books Segregation Story from Gordon Parks and The Decisive Moment from Henri Cartier-Bresson? I've already pre-ordered both books on Amazon (The Decisive Moment already in July) but unfortunately Amazon cannot give me any firm dates regarding these books. Hopefully you as the publisher will be able to provide me with better information. 

Steidl: Thank you for your interest in both books. Our publishing house can unfortunately only provide exact publishing dates in the most seldom of cases. The data provided by Amazon are estimated well in advance and cannot be changed after the fact. 

We assume that both books will be released by the end of November. 

Me: Thank you very much for the response, hopefully both books will actually be on the market by the end of November - the timing before Christmas would really be perfect. ;)