Photo Essay 2: Anonymous Vienna (Part 1)

Austrians are a very private people, so private that they have encoded their privacy into law, which makes it very difficult to "legally" be a social documentarian in Vienna. Germany is very much the same way with their laws. Now, I could certainly take the time to dive into that topic and it's definitely one that I could write/talk all day and night about, but I've already addressed it before. Now anyone that has perused my photos here or on my Flickr knows that I don't always toe the line and there are times I blatantly cross it (disclaimer: anyone that has ever asked me to delete a photo or not publish it or to take it down has had their request fulfilled immediately and politely), but I always make sure to never show my subject in a disparaging light. If I photograph someone's face, it's because I find it interesting. It's fun to imagine what life experiences resulted in that face. 

All that being said, though, I have made very conscious attempts to photograph someone and yet maintain their anonymity. In fact, these are some my favorite photographs because although you're boxed in as a photographer and looking to find a different perspective, you still have a great deal of freedom. You can structure a photograph in many ways. You're forced to look at things differently and that results in interesting things. 

Enough text, though, let's look at some photographs. 

Summer Love (remix)
Evening commute
Catching the Train
Project 365: #13 - A Night Out
Great Dane