Project 365 finished

Project 365: #365 - The paths we take

At the start of the year I set the goal to make one photo a day for an entire year and after 365 days, it's finally over and complete! Kind of hard for myself to believe that I was able to pull it off despite the constant time constraints, but I still managed to do it. 

I had originally started the project as a way to force myself to experiment and learn new techniques. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone rather than shoot the same style or the same subjects over and over again. It hasn't been easy. I practiced shooting macros, portraits, documentary, product, landscapes, abstract and everything in between. There were also days that I found myself in a creative rut. I wasn't able to properly see or I was under such time pressure with other aspects of life that I had very little time and very little to work with, but I still had to find a shot. 

The project also developed into a sort of visual diary at times with a number of photos connected to memories from the year in some form or another. It's been quite the year: I got married, I'll be graduating university in a month and it's been quite the whirlwind professionally, too. 

Obviously since the project was also based on experimentation there were some duds along the way. Nonetheless I still learned something at every point. Whenever I a photo or a technique didn't quite pan out the way I wanted, I extracted a lesson and applied it at a later point. 

I also found a great deal of inspiration in other artists, current and from the past. My photo book collection expanded greatly (mostly all photojournalism books) and I upgraded to a 35mm sensor camera. I was sad to see my first DSLR go since it accompanied me through much of the year but it was time to move on to something better. I shot most of the year with my digital cameras, so I'm looking forward to getting back to shooting film. I've got a roll of Ektar that's been sitting in my Nikon FE for a good six months now and my Rollei 35 also still has half a roll. 

This year I'll be putting together my dark room and begin printing. Photographing for the Project 365 was more often than not incredibly relaxing. Disappearing behind my camera and working, even if it was ever so brief, allowed me to relax and decompress from recent events. Now that I'll have the time after graduating to learn developing and printing, I imagine I'll be stepping into my dark room to work and finding my relaxation there. I originally planned on setting up my dark room in 2014 but circumstances kept me from fulfilling that goal.

The next year is going to be filled with new challenges in both photography and the rest of my life, but I am truly looking forward to it all. I'll be starting a new career after finishing university, I'll begin traveling again and through it all I'll have a camera hanging over my shoulder, ready to help document it all. I can't wait.