Zorkis are back from the doctor!

On Tuesday night I got an SMS from the camera technician that my Zorkis (4 and 6) were ready for pick-up. I had dropped these cameras off literally months ago to get a full service. The cameras have been sitting in my display case forever now. I got the Zorki 4 for less than €10 since it didn't work (but the lens was perfect!) and my Zorki 6... well, you know the story already. I can't afford a Leica and most other rangefinders are simply too expensive, as well. Turns out the Soviets did something right after all. ;)

So I rearranged my schedule a bit (yeah, that's how much I love my cameras) to go pick them up first thing in the morning on Wednesday. I met a photographer friend of mine, Tony Gigov, at the shop too. He's been wanting me to show him what I know about film and shoot analog but our schedules always seem to clash. This time we had a rare opportunity where we both had a couple of hours free at the same time, so we loaded up the Zorki 4 and went to town.

Honestly a lot of the stuff we shot was just to test the camera and play with it. We weren't going for perfection here, especially since Tony had never used a rangefinder and I hadn't touched one myself in over a year. The roll of expired Kodak VR Plus 400 I loaded into the camera didn't last long at all, so were able to take it straight over to Cyberlab.

The best part about this lab is their turnaround time. They mostly do printing but they also C41 and E6 process their stuff in house (they take B&W but they have to farm it out), so the negs/scans are done usually within 24 hours (48 at the most). 

So without further ado, here are some selected pictures from the roll!