Chiang Mai’s not so bad (11 March)

This morning we flew from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and what a great decision that was. Coming out of the tiny airport here was like stepping into another world. The pace of the city is completely different from Bangkok. 

We took the day easy and only went to the shop to get lots of water for the next several days and a few other bare necessities. We also found some brilliant food in the basement of a mall that was practically wall-to-wall with stands of Thai food. Laundry had to be done, so we went to a place around the corner from the hotel that, although it isn’t the cheapest, it’s still cheaper than the hotel’s own service (who likely uses the same service). After getting back to the hotel (actually a bed and breakfast/guesthouse place owned by a Swiss immigrant), we decided to take it easy and sat by the small pool, read our books, chatted with the employees/owner, ate dinner at the hotel, drank beer and watched House of Cards. Also ran into a journalist who writes for RT by the name of Eric Sommer. 

Not a whole lot to really report today other than the overall pace of what we’ve seen of Chiang Mai is, compared to Bangkok, much slower and much more relaxed, which at this point is very much to our liking. I’ve also not made a single picture all day (weird, I know!) but that’s fine because I know tomorrow I’ll have my hands full. 

Tomorrow we’re attending a cooking class from A Lot of Thai (when I’m not cooking I’ll be photographing), Friday we have the day “off”, Saturday we’re visiting the elephant reservation, Sunday we’re going trekking and Monday we’ve got another “off” day and dinner with a former Viennese resident. Tuesday we’re off again and then on our way to Koh Lanta. The Chiang Mai section of the trip is all about taking things a bit slower than Bangkok, though. No more hustle and bustle – just going more with the flow of things from here on out.