The most emotional photograph I've ever made

Project 365: #203 - Brother and Sister

Last year my grandmother traveled all the way from the US to Austria for my wedding. She's originally from Austria, having emigrated to North America in the years following WW2 to look for work, so the fact that I fell for and married an Austrian girl really made her happy. Unfortunately her health isn't what it once was and although she used to visit home often, as she has grown older she has been unable to visit family as often as she liked. Her older brother's health is also declining. 

While at a large family get-together in her hometown, we wanted to make some casual photos of the two of them together with his wife/her sister-in-law. Once we sat my grandmother next to her brother for the picture, though, there was this beautiful moment of love and tenderness between the two of them. Thankfully I was sitting right across from the two when it happened!

Last year's visit is realistically the last time the two of them will ever see each other. Despite the fact that they don't often get to speak to each other and only have seen each other every few years, there's no denying the love that they still have for each other. I'm glad to be able to say that I have helped to reforge the family bonds across the Atlantic, though, so that both sides remain close to each other although there are thousands of miles and differences in language separating the two. 

Oma, I love you very much and miss you every single day!